Yesterday was Halloween. It’s that holiday we loved as a kid but have come to dread as an adult. As kids we loved to get dressed up as our favorite super hero, ghost or monster, and run around the neighborhood from door-to-door collecting candy. Lots of candy. What kid wouldn’t love that? As parents we’re tasked with finding the perfect costume while deftly blocking other parents with our shopping cart and hearding the kids around the neighborhood. We get sore from walking, our patience is tested by all the imps running around, and all we want to do is go home and go to bed. Ah….the joys of making our kids happy.

And then we wake up the next day. The day after Halloween. The day our co-workers will try to sabotage our weight loss plans.

The Day after Halloween; The Real Nightmare

We wake up today feeling proud of ourselves. We made it through two hours of door-to-door horror the previous night and didn’t steal any of our kids candy. If we did (I didn’t), it was easily rationalized because we had walked 10 miles. And at least part of that was uphill. We needed that chocolate for an energy boost right? We’re good to go and head into work.

Unknown to us, a deadly trap is laying in wait.

It seems like a normal Monday morning at work. We’re tired from the weekends activities, we’ve already got work to do, and we need coffee. Lots of coffee. So off to the break room we go.

And there it is. The trap our co-workers have laid. We can’t help but notice it. It’s gigantic. Colorful. Enticing. It’s a huge bowl of candy left over from the previous night. It looks like somebody hijacked a shipment from the Willie Wonka factory and dropped it on the break room table. We know it’s looking back at us. Anything that big has to be alive right? As we walk by, focusing on the coffee pot, we can feel its eyes on us. Begging us to sneak a second look. Can we make it out of there without destroying our weight loss plans?


All kidding aside, I did come face-to-face with a huge bowl of candy in the break room this morning. I gave it a quick look and moved on. It wasn’t that hard a decision actually and I feel better for it. You will too if you do the same. If you’ve had a couple of pieces already it’s probably not that big a deal but we all know how a couple of pieces can turn into two, four, and then a full blown grazing that’ll leave us with a sugar high. It’s best not to start down that slippery slope.

Whats been going on:

  • I was sick all of last week with a nasty sore throat, cough, sinus issues, and a general lack of energy. It wasn’t until Saturday that I actually started feeling better. I rode for the first time in a week this morning and felt OK. My body isn’t 100% but riding this morning didn’t put a big strain on me. I also rode in a new set of bibs that felt really great. A review on them will be forthcoming.
  • I also started reading Ride Your Way Lean by Selene Yeager of Bicycling Mag. I’ll post a full review soon but I’ve enjoyed it so far and will be implementing one of the training plans into my routine very soon.
  • Thanks to everyone who has ‘Liked’ the Biking To Live Facebook Page. Over the weekend we reached 25 Likes which allowed me to customize the page name instead of having some weird URL. The Facebook page is now This weekend I posted that I had been sick and had a great conversation with Christina on favorite cold/flu remedies. She and I are in agreement that a warm salt water gargle is great for sore throats.

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