Beech Mountain near Boone, North Carolina was made famous in Lance Armstrong’s book It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life. His bicycle ride up that mountain was the culmination of his recovery from cancer and the re-launch of his cycling career. He flipped a switch on that mountain and faced down some demons that were holding him back. We all the know the story that unfolds afterward.

I think we all have, or need, a Beech Mountain.

Whether it’s life, weight loss plans, or cycling goals each of us has either had, are experiencing, or will experience a Beech Mountain.

Why We Need A Beech Mountain

A Beech Mountain is nothing more than symbolism for an event in our lives in which our actions will define us. Perhaps it was an ascent or group ride that we struggled with. The loss of a relative or close friend due to illness. Or the loss of a job.

How we react to those situations will shape our lives.

We need a Beech Mountain because it rips off the scabs in our life and exposes the bleeding sores that reside at our core. It can put our faults on center stage and test our morals, ethics, and values. It shows us what we’re capable of and what we’re willing to do in order to achieve what’s right in our lives whether it’s family, career, or health. A Beech Mountain reveals the man or woman we truly are.

Cycling Is My Answer

I can remember three distinct Beech Mountains in my life. The loss of a 16-year military career in 2006, the loss of my job in October 2008, followed by the loss of my dad in November 2008. For the most part I think I’ve reacted to those situations well but know I have a long, long way to go in one particular area in order to summit my Beech Mountains.

I’ve ridden a bicycle ever since I was a little kid. I took many years to off due to the military but returned to it again in 2008 because I needed help. It was going to be my tool to overcome significant health issues I have. It works but there are days when I feel like I need a reminder of why I’m cycling. A workout or ride that will re-awaken the drive and determination to ride hard, watch what I eat, and train. Train like there’s no tomorrow. To follow through with plans that have only made it as far as a thought but need to come to fruition in order to achieve success.

I need a ride. A reminder. I think we all do from time to time.

Are You On Beech Mountain?

I invite you to share your thoughts or experiences below. What was it that got you over the summit or reminded you why you’re doing it?

Feature image courtesy of Frenchy.