If you’re a cycling fan, and not living under a rock, you’ve probably heard by now that Lance Armstrong’s new cycling team will be Team Radio Shack (@teamradioshack). I for one was very surprised to hear that it was someone other than Oracle or Nike. Now that we know it’s Radio Shack I can honestly say I’m a fan but probably not for the reason you expect.

Sure, Lance is going to be on the team and that’s a great reason to be a fan. Radio Shack will partner with the LAF and LiveStrong in the fight against cancer which is another great reason to be a fan. The real reason I’ll be a fan though is because of my Dad.

My Dad was an electronics genius. He learned the trade at an early age and held several jobs that saw him develop his skills including installing electrical systems on airplanes and performing electronics work on Minuteman Missiles. When I was a kid he had his own business installing satellite tv systems. As a hobby he was a Citizens Band (CB) and Ham Radio expert. He rarely bought new radios but choose instead to either build his own or repair broken ones he would find at flea markets or garage sales.

So, what does my Dad and Team Radio Shack have in common? My Dad was a loyal Radio Shack customer. If he needed parts or tools for a radio or CB he would go to our local Radio Shack store. When Radio Shack would receive returned electronics that were broken, and not covered by warranty, who did they call? My Dad.

Image Courtesy of TeamRadioShack.com

Image Courtesy of TeamRadioShack.com

That’s why I’m going to be a fan of Team Radio Shack. Now that the US will have three Pro-Tour teams I’m hoping it will help drive the popularity of cycling here in the states. I hope the jerseys are cool because this might be the first team jersey I buy.

One of the big things going on right now is speculation on who will be on the team. We know Lance will be there but who will be his support cast? I’ve already heard rumors of Cadel Evans on Twitter. Who would you like to see on Team Radio Shack? I bet we see Chris Horner on there.