I had high hopes for both myself and Biking To Live in 2008. Everything started out OK. I began to build up a good readership here on my blog and enjoyed communicating with them via comments, emails, and phone conversations. After a couple months of riding I even started to see improvement in my health. My clothes were fitting better and my blood pressure and cholesterol were much improved. By the end of the year though, things took a dramatic turn.



In the beginning of October I found out that the place I was employed needed to lay off all temporary employees, contractors, and consultants. This was a direct result of the financial market which was hitting the construction industry hard. Being a consultant I was kept around for a little while longer than most but they laid off almost 250 folks in the span of two weeks. The parent company I worked for employed about 17 folks in the Jacksonville area and by the time the layoffs were done we were down to six. I was fortunate to be one of those six. My company immediately set out to find me a new position and lined me up with an interview for a job in Dallas. While waiting for the interviews my dad suffered a major heart attack and passed away at the beginning of November. He knew I was waiting to interview in Dallas and was excited about having me close to home because he and my mother only lived two hours from Dallas. As it turns out I did get the job in Dallas and I’m at least close to my mom now. Being in Dallas isn’t without it’s downside though. I’ve had to leave my family (my lovely wife and three beautiful daughters (and my 42″ LCD)) in Jacksonville until the real estate market recovers and we can sell our home there. Living apart isn’t easy but we did it sporadically for over 16 years while I was in the military. We’ll overcome it.

As you can see, the last three months have not been good. With so much going on I didn’t get any riding in. I wanted to ride but circumstances just didn’t allow for it. Because of that, my health has taken a downturn. I’ve gained weight back and I can tell I’ve lost some of the healthy gains I had made. My weight is one of the things that bothers me the most. I’ve got to get it under control. I also neglected Biking To Live and it’s suffered.

Now 2009 is here. I’m moved into the place I’m renting here in northern Dallas and am ready to pick up where I left off in 2008.

Biking To Live – Cycling To A Healthy Lifestyle

The first order of business was to redesign Biking To Live. The last design was OK but it didn’t lend itself well to the plans I had for my blog. Biking To Live, in its old form, was too single-minded and self-centered, and didn’t help achieve the goal I wanted which was living a sustainable healthy lifestyle. I was too “bicycle ride” oriented and often wandered around by focusing on bicycle news and opinions. Make no mistake about it, Biking To Live will continue to be about bicycling but instead will broaden it’s scope to include subjects that directly compliment bicycling and it’s role in a healthy lifestyle. Topics like food, exercise, recipes, motivation, and health. It’s my hope to not only inspire my fellow riders but also be a source of information for people looking for a solution to their health problems. This new theme is going to help me achieve those goals. Vastly different than the old design, the new Biking To Live takes the focus away from the typical blog setup and enables users to quickly focus on topics they want which are more prominently displayed on the home page. You can quickly find topics on food, medical, news, or reviews. If you want to see it in the old blog style all you need to do is click on the blog link in the grey navigation bar. You’ll also notice a featured video section on the right. I’ll post bicycle and healthy lifestyle videos there for everyone to see. It’s my plan for you to be able to see me on there someday.

That, in a nutshell, is why I redesigned Biking To Live. I’d be happy to hear your thoughts, likes, dislikes, and opinions.

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