Well folks, it’s been a while since I’ve written but that wasn’t my plan. I’ve had lots of things going on and haven’t even gotten back on the bike even though I had every intention to. I had actually planned to ride today but getting sick over the weekend wasn’t in my plans. Unfortunately, a sore throat, stuffed up sinuses, fever, and ear ache put a damper on my riding today. Dang! I really need to get back on.

Not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post but I did get the job in Dallas and will be moving out there later this month to start work. It looks like I’ll be living in Plano which is on the North side of Dallas and I’ll only be about 3 miles from Plano Cycling & Fitness which came highly recommended as a good local bike shop.

Lastly, I received the most recent issue of bicycling magazine just have only made it through the first ten pages or so but wanted to share a video with you. The video is about a lady named Staci Merriott and how she lost 184 pounds by riding her bike. The transformation is absolutely amazing and something that I hope to accomplish someday. Staci epitomizes the Biking To Live mantra. Here’s the video.