Most of us started cycling a while ago and have learned a lot over the years. There are more and more people coming to this sport everyday though and I thought it would be cool if we could provide some examples of things we’ve picked up that the newbie might not know but should know. I’ll start.

  1. What’s the current technology is. When I bought my first bike 15 years ago I really wish I knew what the current technology was on road bikes. If I had I probably would have bought a bike with STI (shifters combined with brake levers) instead of downtube shifting.
  2. How much the sport of cycling can cost. It can cost as much as you want to spend on it but for the newbie they may not realize how much of an investment their making beyond the initial cost of a bike. Stuff like maintenance, clothing, and expandables (tubes, tires) is stuff they may not be thinking about.
  3. How to not have your butt hurt. Too many new people to cycling start off by riding too much too soon and invariably end up quitting or becoming disgruntled because their nether regions become sore beyond belief. If they’re taught to take it slow and easy at the start to get their body accustomed to time in the saddle they’ll be much happier.

Those are just a few ideas. Let’s hear what you have to say whether it’s more on one of the items above or something new.