If you haven’t noticed, I’ve slightly changed the look of Biking To Live over the last couple of weeks. Nothing major – still using the same theme, same colors, and stuff like that. I have tweaked some of the visual elements though and they are most evident on the homepage.

First off I switched out the logo. The one I had up sucked and I know this one isn’t a huge improvement but I think it’s better for now. It’ll work until I pay someone to design me a professional logo. Second, you can see that the layout of the homepage is totally different. It’s more of a landing page split into areas including the featured article slider, an About section, and a widget showing posts from the blog. All of the blog posts are still available from the homepage by clicking on the Blog link in the menu. Another minor tweak I made was to get rid of the shadow on the font that was used. I always thought it was hard to read the text in the articles because of the shadow so I got rid of it.

While talking with an online buddy recently, I was asked the following question:

Does the image [About and/or Logo] make you think about Biking To Live?

That’s a tough question and I believe the answer for both images (the logo and the About images) is a resounding ‘No.’ I asked the same question to my followers on Facebook and got these two responses (now would be a good time to ‘Like’ the Biking To Live page on Facebook if you haven’t):

From Andy: Fitness

and from Christina: 1. Biking energetically and thriving in all areas of life, and 2, Biking safely. (*More the first one than the second one)

I’d like you answer a similar question. Just post your answers in the comments.

What do you think of when you read ‘Biking To Live’?