All the buzz lately, at least with the folks I follow on Twitter, has been Team RadioShack’s first team camp in Tucson this week and then yesterday they release pics of an early version of their new jerseys. I’ve been waiting to see what they look like and am glad to finally see it.

Team Radioshack Prototype Jersey

Team Radioshack Prototype Jersey

If you’re signed up to the Team RadioShack email list you would have gotten this yesterday (I took the liberty of bolding some key points):

If you are receiving this email, you’ve either followed the team from the glory days of the Blue Train or are a new and excited fan for what will be the next great American cycling team: Team RadioShack. Either way, we wanted to say thank you for your support and give you a sneak preview of a working prototype of the jersey the guys will be riding in in 2010. While the final Jersey is expected to look very similar, it will be officially unveiled in Australia in January during the Tour Down Under. It was our goal this year to create something visually distinctive and a look that was symbolic of what we feel Team RadioShack is all about: cutting edge technology, speed, strength, determination and a global message to LIVESTRONG. The experts at Nike and our partners at RadioShack helped to create this fast form-fitting design using various textures and patterns symbolizing the themes of new technology, global connectivity and community. We think it looks pretty damn cool.

Some early Twitter feedback I saw was that some folks don’t like it. @ultrarob says:

“Think new Team RadioShack jerseys look old and out dated just like Radio Shack…”

I’ve even seen some responses calling it “F-U-G-L-Y” and others saying that Team RadioShack needs to hire a graphic designer.

I’m no graphic designer (and definitely not a pro cycling fashionista like everyone else seems to be) but I kinda like it. It looks subtle and the logos seem to fit the design pretty good. If I wanted to see anything extra it might be some blue to round out the red, white, and blue.

For all the haters, I think they missed a couple of key points in the release above. They are:

  1. It’s a working prototype.
  2. The final jersey will be officially unveiled in January at the Tour Down Under.

Could the final version look similar? They say it will but for everyone to get bent out of shape over an early prototype is a little extreme.

I think it looks pretty damn cool too.