Well, I had to go by the bike shop today to pick up the last item I needed to replenish my seat bag – CO2 cartridges. As it turns out, my wife went with me. We went by a shop that we were closest to at the time (one I’d been in before) and looked around. I found the CO2 and they wanted $5 for one threadless cannister. That seemed a little high to me. I also checked on some tire prices (since mine are in need of serious replacement) and also thought they were high. The lowest priced tire they had (700×23) was $35. I was like no way. My wife convinced me to go to another shop that she was in a few days ago and bought me some new tubes at. How can I turn down my wife wanting to go to another bike shop? So, off we go. We show up and I find the CO2 right away. They are, get this, half the price at $2.50. Amazing. I ask about tires and he brings me two kinds. One recreational and one a little more bomb-proof. The recreational (a Bontager) was $18 and the other was, I think, $25. What a difference! I liked the shop much better too. The people are both shops were very nice but I just liked the second one better. It may be that I’m tight with my money but I just felt more comfortable. It was nice having my wife drag me around the shop showing me what I needed too. Then she started asking questions about the differences between my bike and some of the new ones. I was in heaven! She couldn’t believe how light some of the new bikes are. She concluded that at some point I would need to replace my 15-year old Cannondale. That’ll be a while though. All-in-all it was a good trip.

Now that I’ve replenished my seat bag, changed tubes, and healed, I should be ready to start riding again. I’m going to shoot for tomorrow.