I decided today that I needed to go to the bicycle shop and pick up a couple of tubes and some more CO2. I decided to head up to the Richardson Bike Mart since I had heard so much about it. It’s owned by Jim Hoyt who sold Lance Armstrong his first bike.

When I walked in this place I couldn’t believe it. It looks like they took over an old grocery store and turned it into the mecca of bicycling. One side of the store was nothing but clothes and the other was nothing but row, after row, after row of bicycles. I was totally blown away.

You name it and they had it. Top of the line Trek, Specialized, and Cervelo road bikes of every configuration and color. On racks, on stands, hanging from the ceiling. Everywhere I looked there were bikes. Obviously, I had to look around thoroughly before getting my tubes and CO2.

I casually strolled up and down the isles trying not to drool too much. Then I started to notice something. These things were expensive. I didn’t look at every single bike so I’m sure there are some that are affordable but I saw way more above $2,000 than below and saw many above $3,000. There was one bike, practically setup on a pedestal, that was $11,000. It was some kind of time trial bike. I called my wife and asked her if I could buy a bike for $11,000. You don’t need me to tell you how that conversation went.

Seriously, do people actually buy bikes that expensive? Do folks just walk in off the street and ride out on a $5,000 to $8,000 machine? Maybe they do. I guess I’m just ignorant to that sort of stuff. I guess my 15-year old Cannondale is just going to have to last for a few more years.

I headed over to the clothing side of the store and they had a huge selection of stuff. I saw Astana team kits as well as some from Rock Racing. The ones from Rock Racing were labeled, “Requires Second Mortgage On Home”. I’m just kidding. I didn’t even look to see how expensive they were.

After about five minutes of looking around I came to the realization that I didn’t see big boy clothes. If there were some they weren’t readily visible. Maybe they had a Clydesdale section that I didn’t see. Everything I did see looked like it would fit an 18 year old. Those were the days.

Well, after spending way too much time looking around I paid for my tubes and CO2. I got everything home and went to re-pack my seat bag when I realized I bought shrader valve tubes. I guess I was too googly eyed to get the right kind. That just means I’ll have to go back and look around some more….I mean exchange the tubes.