PoseurEverything I’ve heard about buying an ex-pros bike is bad. They ride them thousands of miles a year and stress them to the limit. It would be like buying a used car with over 100,000 miles on it with no warranty. That was driven by Nascar driver. As his personal training vehicle. Probably not a smart move. So, I was a little surprised to see the tweet announcing Slipstream Garage. It’s a new component of the Garmin-Slipstream online store where you can buy certified bikes that were ridden by the team.

So, what can you get? For a mere $3,500 you can pickup Julian Dean’s 2007 Felt B2 or you can splurge a little and get yourself Christian Vande Velde’s 2008 Felt SL 1 for $5,000. That’s some serious green for a bike that’s been rode hard and put away wet. $5000 would get you a very nice NEW bike so I’m not sure how many of these Garmin-Slipstream will sell. Will they sell some? Absolutely (there must be a lot because after releasing this announcement the Garmin website slowed to a crawl, and even wouldn’t connect once, due to the folks flocking to get their hands on one of these machines). There’s at least one or two folks out there who have an obscenely excess amount of cash laying around (certainly not myself) and would not bat an eyelash about the price to be able to brag about the bike on their next group ride. The signature namesake of the bikes might even pull a little weight while picking up chicks on bikes.

To quote the Garmin-Slipstream website:

There’s no reason to beat around the bush, these bikes and frames have been raced hard. In most cases, there’s less than 20 days on the odometer. These bikes are barely broken in (and full of bragging rights).

At least they come out and tell you that they’ve been raced hard but, hey, the bragging rights is what it’s all about. And with the signatures badges still intact you could probably change your name to ‘Magnus’ (aka Magnus Backstedt) for maximum poseur-like appeal. Just imagine the chick-magnet draw that would have. Un. Freaking. Real.

Update: Well, after one day all of the complete bikes are sold except one – Magnus’ bike.