Well, today was Ride 3 of Biking To Live and the ride went fine. As the day has come and gone, though, I’ve started to experience a little bit of discomfort in my nether region. You know. The are of your body that never sees the light of day but can be a serious pain in the…..you get the picture. Anyway, it appears that I have rubbed a spot raw on the inner side of my right leg near my….ahem…business. I’ve put some skin relief lotion on it to try and take care of it because I want to be able to get my Saturday ride in tomorrow. I’m not surprised that something like this has happened since it’s been so long since I’ve drug myself around on a bike.

I read an interesting by Ray at Bike Noob entitled I’m Riding In Comfort Now that makes me wonder if my bike shorts have contributed to the problem. My shorts are relatively new and were only used on stationary bikes when I was stationed on my last ship. They’re a pair of Nashbar shorts and look very similar to the ones in Ray’s article above. I may have to look at getting some nicer shorts.