I’ve been absent as of late but I have been busy. Most importantly, I’ve begun my training for the Tour de Cure in earnest as of this past Monday. See, I should have written this post on Monday but now it’s Wednesday. Busy I tell you.

That’s right, on Monday I started my 12-week Tour de Cure Century Training Plan as provided to me by Darryl over at Loving the Bike. Over the next 12 weeks I’ll be riding per that plan or as close as I can get. It’s setup as a six days on and one day off cycle. Monday’s are typically an easy pace ride, with Wednesdays a brisk pace, and Thursdays designated as the day off for rest. Mileage during the weeks and on the weekends will slowly build throughout the 12 weeks so I build up my endurance.

In order to make it easy on myself to look up what I’m supposed to do when, I created a Training Calendar page. Click on over there to check it out so you can see what I’ll be doing over the next 12 weeks.

The Training Calendar page gives me a visual aid to reinforce what I’m doing and why. I really felt like I’ve been missing that in my cycling and my lack of progress last year is a great example. I rode, off and on, but with no plan or vision I didn’t make any gains or lose any weight. Big surprise. Anyway, I’m hoping the Training Calendar page will help.

Coincidentally, this Saturday is the first training group ride for the Tour de Cure here in Jacksonville. It’s put on my a local bike shop and includes a light breakfast before the start and full support during the ride. A 24 or 48 mile option is available. I’ll be doing the 24. This also gets me working on another goal of mine this year – doing more group rides.

I love it when a plan comes together.