Sorry folks but I’m behind on my posting. Things have been a little crazy around the hacienda, work, and needing to devote time to the riding. All-in-all things are going great and I’m going to give you a quick update on the training as I prepare for the Jacksonville Tour de Cure on May 21, 2011.

The mileage has been steadily increasing as I worked my way through the Tour de Cure training plan and two weeks ago I passed the 50% mark for my 2011 cycling goal of 2000 miles. Hard to imagine that but it’s only May and I’ve already ridden over 1100 miles this year. I’m totally blown away by that because I’ve got another six months of good outdoor riding left. Awesome!

The last two Saturday rides I’ve ditched the shop ride so I could concentrate on getting in my long rides at my pace. If I did the shop rides I’d be totally gassed by mile ten and not want to ride another 50 or 60 miles. So I headed out to the local rail trail and did 60 and 73 miles the last two Saturdays. The weather couldn’t have been better for each but I think our Spring is officially over as of yesterday. I’m thinking the century ride on May 21 will be hot, hot, hot.

Anyway, this past Saturday’s ride was probably my longest ride ever at 73 miles. I know back in 2009 I did a 63 mile ride but my bike broke soon thereafter and I went bikeless for several months and didn’t get to do the century I was training for then. So, I think the 73 miles is a new PR for me. I managed it at a 15.6 mile pace (which is also faster than the 63 miles I did back in 2009) in 4h:44m. Overall it was a great ride and feel I’m ready to do the century in two weeks.

The training for this week and next lets up on the mileage as I the century ride draws near. Super excited about knocking out that 100 miles.

The bike is running so good right now too. The crank problem has been sorted out and aside from a squeaky pedal it’s performing great. As a side note, I fixed that squeaky pedal by applying some car brake pad anti-squeal grease on the threads and it worked like a champ. Pretty amazing actually.

From a fundraising standpoint, I got a good boost from my co-workers and have raised $330 to date. My goal is $500. There’s still time if you’d like to donate to support both me and the American Diabetes Association. Just click the link below to be taken to my donation page. Anything you could contribute would be greatly appreciated.


PhotoC: Michael Lokner