Back in January I set some goals to help me stay motivated through the year. During today’s morning ride before work I broke my mileage goal for the year. It feels so good to be meeting my goals and hopefully it’ll inspire you to continue working towards yours.

The goal I broke today was riding 2000 miles for the year. After this mornings ride I’m currently sitting at 2014 miles for the year. When I set that 2000 mile goal back in January I took into account how much I had ridden last year and added some onto it. Knowing that I would be training for the Tour de Cure in the beginning part of the year I figured I would break 2000 but not quite so early in the year. August isn’t even over and I’ve got four more months of riding left thanks to the mild fall and winters here in Northern Florida.

2011 Mileage Jan-Aug

2011 Mileage Jan-Aug

The year started off great when training for the Tour de Cure and it saw me put in quite a few miles during the first five months of the year. Over the last two months the mileage tapered off and really went into the toilet the last few weeks. Then the Just Ride post happened and I’ve started to see a resurgence in my riding and mileage over the last two weeks. Last week I put in 116 miles (with my best group ride ever last Saturday) and already have 44 miles logged this week after two days of riding. In other words, my riding is on the upswing, I’ve met my 2011 mileage goal, and I need to set a new target.

I’m still working on what my new mileage goal will be. In fact, I’ve been thinking about having two mileage goals I want to meet before the end of the year. One will be a total mileage for 2011 goal and another is a monthly mileage goal. Like I said, I’ll post about those two new goals very soon once I do some math and come up with something realistic.

Thanks to all my readers, followers, and fans for the support so far. I couldn’t have done it without your help.

I want to know how many of you have a mileage goal for the year and how you’re doing at meeting that goal.

Bianchi Goal Post

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