Well, my training is wrapping up this week as my first century bicycle ride draws near. Today I wanted to share with you what I’ll be doing this last week before the big ride. Stuff like press conferences, sponsorship signings, and pics with perspective podium girls. Ha, ha! Just kidding.

Lots of things have gone into me getting ready for this event. First and foremost has been the training. Lots of it. As of this morning I’ve ridden 1152 miles this year in preparation for this first century of my cycling career. I’ve changed the way I eat and worked hard on my hydration habits. I’ve learned how to fuel my body while on the bike in order to have the energy to complete the long training rides I did. I’ve managed to raise money for a great charity. I’ve worked with two very good people in Darryl and Kelli who have guided me through the last 12 weeks providing both inspiration and knowledge. It all leads up to these final five days before the Tour de Cure on May 21, 2011. Boy I’m excited!

So, these final five days I have a lot of things to think about and do. They are:

  1. Continue tapering. The last two weeks of the training schedule taper down on the riding so my body can recover from some of the suffering I’ve put it through the last few weeks. Those long 60-70 mile rides took a lot out of my fat body so it’s been good to start recovering as the century ride draws near.
  2. Hydrate. Next to eating right, hydration has been the hardest thing for me. I have to continually remind myself to fill up the water bottle throughout the day so I get the water I need. I’ve done pretty good with it but need to continue improving.
  3. Eat right. Just because the hard training has been put in doesn’t mean that I can relax the eating. I’ve got to maintain what I’ve been doing and watch what I eat. Forever.
  4. Inspect the bike. If I hadn’t had so much work done to the bike over the course of my training I might have taken it to the shop this week. I just don’t think that’s necessary as it’s performing like a champ. I’ll give it a good once over, clean it, and re-lub the chain before Saturday’s ride. I’ll also inventory the seat bag to make sure it’s ready.
  5. Rest. The whole point of the taper is to rest the body. I need to make sure I’m doing that by getting the sleep I need each night this week.
  6. Stock Up. Even though the Tour de Cure is fully supported with rest stops, I want to make sure I have everything that I’ve been fueling with on my training rides. Stuff like Clif Bars, PowerBar
    and Hammer Energy Gels, and Camelbak Elixir.
  7. Early Check-in. The check-in the day of the ride is at 6 AM with the century ride rolling out at at 7 AM. Luckily, there’s an early check-in and packet pickup on Thursday just down the street from where I live so I’m going to take advantage of that. I’ll probably still get to the ride start location at 6-6:15 on Saturday but I don’t want to have to mess around with checking in that day.
  8. Continue Fundraising. The past two weeks have been very good in terms of fundraising thanks to some great support from my co-workers as well as friends on DailyMile. To date I’ve raised $425 and am $75 short of my goal of $500. I want to reach that $500 mark so I’ll continue pushing to raise those last $75. If you’d like to help me, even $5 would be awesome, just click on the link below to help me out.

Here’s the link to donate to my fundraising efforts for the American Diabetes Association.


What Did You Do?

I know many of my readers have completed their first century so I’d like you to post in the comments what you did in the week before your event and what you did on the day of the event to make it more memorable.

PhotoC: dharder9475