Over the weekend I made final preparations so I could starting riding again. I had to make sure my bike was in proper working order (tires pumped up, chain lubed, brakes weren’t rubbing the rims, cyclocomputer worked), my seat bag was fully stocked (CO2, spare tube, multi-tool, patch kit, tire irons), and that I knew where all my cycling clothes were. Surprisingly, everything seemed to be good to go. Even my rear flasher was working good. Everything seemed set.

As I mentioned before, I’m planning on riding in the morning again because of heavy traffic in the evenings and because in the evenings I should be spending the time with the family. Besides, the temperature is much better early in the day. I had my alarm set for 5:00 am and got a good nights sleep.

I was so close…

The alarm went off at 5 and I’ll admit I was a little groggy even though I slept good. Looking outside though, I was really dismayed to see how dark it was. Sure, it should be dark, but it instantly reminded me that I don’t have a front light anymore. The one I had on my old Cannondale doesn’t fit the bars on my new bike and I didn’t think to pick up a new one. With no front light, and it being really dark, I opted to not ride this morning due to safety.

[pullquote] Another super advantage of waiting until 6 is that I get to sleep longer. How awesome is that?[/pullquote]

Now I’ve got two options. I can either get a light and continue getting up at 5 or wait until 6 when the sun is coming up to ride (sunrise is at 6;33 tomorrow). Since my ride this morning was blown I paid special attention to what time it started getting light outside and looked into what it would take to re-configure my morning routine. If I get up at 6 and give myself an hour to ride, I can still be at work between 8 and 8:30 (I have no set time I need to be at work). I waited until 7:45 to head into work this morning and got in at 8:10 so traffic isn’t going to be an issue if I leave later (normally I leave home at 7). Riding between 6 and 7 AM isn’t going to be a problem as traffic hasn’t started to build yet and most of the roads I ride on have bike lanes. Will I still get a light? Yes, because it won’t be fully light out when I start riding. In fact, I’m heading by the LBS today to check some out.

With all that squared away, I should be able to ride tomorrow just fine.

Where are all the Jacksonville, FL Cyclists?

This past Saturday morning my brother-in-law and I were headed out to do some fishing and I saw no less than seven road bike riders on our way to the boat ramp. Most were by themselves but I did see a group of three riding together out on Monument Road. I really need to find some folks to ride with (who aren’t hammering it at 20+mph every ride like most of the LBS rides) but have wondered how I can find them. I believe I’ve only got 1 or 2 Jacksonville, FL cyclists who read my blog so I can’t reach’em here. I’ve posted on bikeforums.net with no responses. Maybe they don’t want company. Or maybe cyclists here in Jax don’t read blogs that much. Or perhaps cycling isn’t as big here as it was in Dallas. Maybe it’s all of those.

PhotoC: Howard Gees