As promised, I returned to riding this morning with my trusty new headlight. Waiting until 6 AM to get up made for a pretty good nights sleep. It wasn’t pitch dark outside since sunrise was at 6:30 but it was humid. I’m talking sticky-bun humid. Crazy. The stats for today’s ride aren’t huge but it was my first day back in the saddle after a long layoff. The numbers are over in the DailyMile widget. Here’s the workout on DailyMile.

Nascar Drivers in Training

As I predicted, traffic was very light for the first 35 minutes or so with no problem areas until I got about a quarter mile from home. That’s when I lost the bike lane and have to carve my space out of one of the two lanes going in the direction I am. It’s not bad but traffic by 6:45 is starting to build and folks here like to pretend they’re training for Nascar. If folks would simply drive the speed limit it wouldn’t be bad at all. I know I’m asking too much.

Lots of folks out exercising

Before I went to Dallas for 18 months, I got up at 5 AM to ride. I’d see a few dedicated people out at that time in the morning but not many. With me rolling out of the garage at around 6:10 this morning I saw many, many more people out getting the early morning sweat on. I saw no less than two dozen runners and a couple of cyclists. One guy passed me on on his tri bike. No ‘good morning’ or ‘on your left’. I did get a little finger wave though as he blew by me.

Knowing that I was out among those exercising this morning made me feel good. Every morning I drive to work I see people out running and I always felt guilty because I should have gotten my exercise in. No more.

The Crank Problem Came Back

I was just about ready to turn into our Condo complex when I noticed my left-side crank arm was starting to come off again. I had purchased a new bolt to replace one of the two that was damaged and put some ‘glue’ on the threads to help them stay tight but it looks like it didn’t work. I say ‘glue’ because it’s a Loctite brand glue my wife got because I told her someone suggested I use Blue Loctite on the bolts. Well, this glue came in a blue bottle so she thought it’s what I needed. I gave it a try but today will go get Blue Loctite. If I have the problem again the bike is going straight to the shop. I can ride my hybrid in the meantime.

A Potential Riding Partner

Last night, while taking pictures for the Cateye HL-EL450 review, my neighbor pulled up. Turns out he’s a road rider himself who doesn’t get in as much riding as he should. He’s a single college student studying micro-cellular genetic engineering…or something like that. I just know he’s way smarter than I am. Anyway, we talked for a while, he showed me his Trek 1.5, and we discussed maybe doing some riding together. I was up front in that there was no way I could keep up with him (he’s easily 12 years younger and 100 pounds lighter than I am) but he seemed OK with that as long as he got some more riding in. We’ll see how it goes.

How Do I Feel?

Well, I can tell it’s been a few months since I’ve ridden. I’ve got some aches as I sit here writing this article on my lunch break. My body has gotten really soft and it’s time for some pain to get it back where it needs to be. I feel much better having ridden but it’ll be a couple weeks until I’m comfortably back in a routine. While sitting here, I did come up with an idea for a t-shirt based on Jens Voigt’s “Shut Up Legs” statement. I’ll get something drawn up and get your opinions.

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