Podcasting is one of the fastest growing areas of online media and cycling isn’t with out its share of them. This week saw the launch of a new one and it’s called Cycling 360. Some of you will recognize the guys behind it as they each are active in the world of cycling both on and off the Internet.

The three hosts of Cycling 360 are Darryl Kotyk of Loving the Bike, Victor Jiminez of Bicycle Lab and Rob Grissom of Positive Performance Coaching. Each of them brings years of on-the-bike experience to the podcast.

Their first podcast, Trainers and Rollers, is up and it’s great. At 50 minutes in length it’s loaded with info, humor, and great cycling tips for all cyclists. The thing I liked the most though was the round table discussion format where each of them chimed in with different perspectives drawing on their experience. Really cool.

Be sure to check out Cycling 360.