I’ve been tagged by 331miles. I had this happen one other time and I was so new to blogging that I had no idea what it meant and didn’t do anything. Not this time.

This particular meme was started by Fat Lad, and the idea is based on the “my old mother went to the market and bought” memory game. Only in this case, each blogger in the thread lists something that was bought at the LBS in June. Here’s the list thus far, with my addition at the bottom:

  1. Fat Lad went to the bike shop in June and all he bought was: A new PC971 Sram Chain and a Cassette Spanner and a chain wear tool.
  2. TOB went to the bike shop in June and all she bought was: a new pair of ruby red Sidis and some X-Series Cleats (but it’s only the 4th!). (Editors Note: Surprise, Surprise…a lady cyclist bought shoes…Ruby Red no less…LOL!).
  3. Mike J went to the bike shop in June and he bought two Gel Flasks and some Handle Bar Grips.
  4. 331 Miles went to the bike shop in June and he bought a pair of Performance Ultra II Bib Shorts.
  5. Biking To Live went to the bike shop in June and picked up a new tube and CO2 cartridge.

My bicycle purchases lately have been things that I simply needed in order to ride. When I can, I’ve seriously got to spend some money on some new bibs (thinking about the same ones that @331miles bought) because, I think, the ones I have now are getting too big (yeah!). I also need some new jerseys in a bad way.

When I thought about who I could nominate I knew exactly who it would be because he scored a great deal yesterday on BonkTown. Mike over at Mike’s Bike Blog is now on the clock.

I don’t know about you but every time I see Mike’s last name I think about Weyland Industries from Aliens. Weird.