Today I managed to head down to the local bike shop to talk with them about my busted bike. In truth, I had been putting this off because I just had a feeling it wouldn’t be good news and I was right.

Photo Courtesy of fenlandsnapper

Photo Courtesy of fenlandsnapper

I began explaining to the two mechanics the problems with trusty ride (rims coming apart, cracked derailleur hangar, it needs a full tune up, chain, new cassette, and new cables, etc.) (by this time I felt like a hypochondriac). Their first suggestion was to take the set of pink rims they had hanging from the ceiling and convert it to a fixie. For some reason I just can’t imagine myself as a fixed-gear hipster riding around on a pimped out pink pista (say that ten times fast). Pimped out pink pista, Pimped out pink pista, Pimped out pink pista……

They called around and couldn’t find ready-made rims that fit my rear spacing which meant we had to try and make another size work or try and find some old 7-speed hubs and lace up new rims. Whichever method I chose a new set of rims was going to be a couple hundred bucks (pretty cheap considering wheel set prices these days but still a lot). Throw on top of that everything else that needed to be done (plus labor) and we were quickly approaching several hundred dollars. I don’t believe I paid more than $500 for this bike brand new so I wasn’t to keen on dropping several benjamins on it when that could be put towards something newer that didn’t have down tube shifters. You know, step into the modern age of cycling.

So, all that said, it looks like I’m done for a while until I can save up some cash to buy a new (or used) bike. I’ve kept my eye on Craigs List for a while and every once in a while see a decent deal so maybe I’ll go that route. Who knows.

I did see a 2009 Specialized Allez (in my size even) on there today for a great price ($350) which means it was actually some guy in West Africa trying to send me a certified bank check for an inheritance from some super courteous stranger I’ve never met. Go figure.