The Bike Is Fixed

My crank problems were finally resolved on Friday and I picked up my bike that afternoon. The shop never heard back from Sugino (the maker’s of my cranks). Instead of flat-out telling me I needed a new crankset (which is what I was prepared for), one of the mechanics did some experimenting and found that a Cannondale external crank nut fit my crankset perfectly. Crisis solved. I escaped with my bike for only $33 which included the crank nut and a service of the bottom bracket. Thanks @bicyclesetc.

Saturday’s Ride and the Headache

I rode on Saturday morning and the cranks performed perfectly. It wasn’t a hard ride but it was hard on me after having been off for so long. I was basically limping along putting in the miles. I rode 10 miles in 46 minutes along a new route that I created. I started off at 7 AM which meant traffic wasn’t bad going underneath the interstate. What’s really nice is that about 9 miles of that 10 is on bike lanes. I didn’t see any other riders out on Saturday.

I was back home by 8:30 and then the family headed to the beach for a couple of hours for some sun and fun. The waves were rolling in pretty good with quite a few folks out surfing. If we’re going to be going to the beach more I’ll need to invest in a boogie board again. Maybe sometime I’ll try and take up surfing. It looks like fun. My chest/stomach got a little too much sun though. I paid for it on Sunday.

What really did me in though was the serious headache I got on Saturday afternoon. It started before we left the beach and only got worse. By the time we got home my head was pounding and I had to lay down. That was at about 1 PM Saturday afternoon. I didn’t wake up until 11 PM Saturday night for about an hour and then slept until 7 AM on Sunday morning. I think I became dehydrated from the ride and laying out in the sun. I’m sure getting beat to death by the waves and current didn’t help either. By Sunday morning I was feeling pretty good but didn’t push it by riding. The rest of Sunday we enjoyed a another nice family day up in Fernindina Beach checking out the historic downtown area. It was a great day.

This Morning’s Ride – Starting The Day Off Right

So, Monday morning rolls around and the alarm goes off at 5:51 AM and I promptly hit the snooze. After it goes off again I roll out of bed and out the garage about 15 minutes later for a quick 10 miles before work. This mornings ride was awesome. The humidity wasn’t as bad as it has been and there was even some foggy patches around the local ponds. I didn’t see any other riders and not near as many runners this morning. I guess they had too tough a weekend to brave the Monday morning workout. Like I said, it was only 10.52 miles in 47 minutes. Not fast, or long, by any stretch of the imagination but it was time in the saddle. Multiply that by 5 days a week and it’s 53 miles of riding before going to work. Oh yeah baby!

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