The test of endurance that is the Tour de France (TdF) captivates the entirety of the cycling world every July. As road cyclists, it inspires us to want to do better. To get out and ride. To push our limits of physical endurance.

Cyclists aren’t the only group of people that are moved by the sprint finishes and mountain stages. Many people who watch it cycled early in life but gave it up for one reason or another. Their passion for cycling never left but watching the TdF re-kindled it and they look to start road cycling again. Others have never ridden road bikes before but are inspired by the beauty of the sport. They’re inspired to get fit, lean, and healthy. Finally there are those that fit into both of those groups (like myself).

For these people looking to return or start road cycling, what do they do? They almost always turn to the Internet and begin searching for how to start road cycling or search for what equipment they need to start cycling. There are many other questions they ask but they all point towards the same thing – the seeking of knowledge about how to start (or re-start) road cycling.

I’ve written posts in the past about things you need to start cycling and things you don’t need. I want to give these new, or returning, cyclists a more concise guide to help them get started.

I’m Writing An E-Book

That’s right, I’m writing an e-book that will provide them a collection of information and tips that will make it easier to return to the great sport of cycling. The e-book will be free so it’ll cost them (and you) nothing. I’ve already started work on it and hope to have it done in a couple of weeks. As I get closer to finishing it I’ll set a release date and make it available.

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I’ve made attempts of integrating Facebook and Twitter to BTL in the past but never had a solution I was happy with. This weekend I fixed that and you can see the result at the top of the sidebar in the ‘Connect With BTL’ section. There you can click through to the Biking To Live Fan Page on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and add me as a friend on DailyMile. I encourage you to do so in order to get the latest updates and allow you and I to support each other in our cycling. I’d much appreciate a ‘Like’ on the Facebook Fan Page.

PHOTOc: Cindy Trossaert