Today I went out for a couple laps around White Rock Lake. I just wanted to get in some easy spinning to work on my form some more. I didn’t want to overdo it because tomorrow is hump day. And hump day is hill repeat day up flagpole hill.

The weather was great. Low 80s, almost no wind and sunshine. The nice weather did bring out the extra cyclists, runners, and walkers though. At times the trail got crowded. At one point, while descending through a construction area at the South end of the lake, there was a line of about 15 cyclists. At the bottom I wound up having to unclip as folks made decisions on what they wanted to do at the bottom. Kinda frustrating. Other times you had folks weaving in-and-out of people with little regard to how close they were coming to others. One guy passed me with about five feet left before I went through a car barricade that only has room for one cyclist at a time. Near the end of my ride with only about an 1/8 of a mile to my car I almost had a head-on with a little kid on a BMX bike because he wasn’t watching where he was going.

Like I said earlier I wanted to make this a nice easy day. I may have pushed it a little hard because I road 22.84 miles at an average speed of 14.8. For me that’s high. I felt good the entire time though.

Jonny Wilkinson Squirrel - Rugby World Cup Fin...
Image by law_keven via Flickr

Now, the squirrel. On my first lap I was slowly going an up hill section that’s got woods/vegetation on both sides. A pretty nice area to ride actually. As I’m riding along I see a squirrel up ahead to the left of the path. He’s just standing there minding his own business. I know he’s going to spook when he sees me and he does. Instead of staying over where he’s at he zigs and zags across the path. I brace for him to hit me and slow down in case I need to unclip. He makes a beeline for my front tire and I end up running over him with it. I turn it so I don’t run over him with the back tire. I glance back and see him pop up and run off into the woods. I hope it didn’t hurt him too bad. Sorry dude.