I use TweetDeck as my Twitter client and have a search column open for “cycling”. Yesterday, while looking at some older tweets, I saw a lady complaining that cycling isn’t a sport very accommodating to women because they don’t make cool jerseys for women. Hmmmm I thought. She must of haven’t done very much looking so I felt it my duty to help her out.

I know I’m a guy so what do I know about cycling jerseys for women. Absolutely nothing but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t think one of the jerseys below wouldn’t look cool if I saw it on a lady out riding. In fact, I think some of these designs are cooler than most jerseys you can get for guys. Speaking of cycling jerseys for guys, be a large dude and try finding a cool jersey. Those of us that are tonnage challenged are usually relegated to jerseys that are one solid color, maybe two if we’re lucky, that makes us look like a giant sail on a bike. Talk about uncool. Anyway, here are sixteen cool cycling jerseys for women that I found and like: