Today was a good day. I drove down to the train station, hopped on the train with my bike, and rode one stop to White Rock Lake Station. I hopped off and met Cliff from Team Bikin.

I first became acquainted with Cliff a few months ago through this site when I announced that I was moving to Dallas. He was even kind enough to scope out an area that I was thinking of moving to. That gives you some insight as to how nice he is. He’s no different in real life. A down-to-earth guy that just enjoys riding.

Because there was a half-marathon going on at White Rock Lake we had to ride the trail that headed North from the train station instead of riding around the lake. Round trip it was about 14 miles or so. We were at a pretty leisurely pace of about 14-15 mph which I was thankful for because this was only my second ride in about four months with the first being a couple of days ago. The trip back to the station was a little tougher because of the “Texas Hills”. That’s Cliff’s description of the wind. I had noticed since I’ve been here that the wind does blow a lot. Great.

I let Cliff lead the way because I was unfamiliar with the trail. It winds through woods and business areas and for the most part is in good shape. There were a couple spots where you had to be careful and Cliff was good at pointing them out. I’ve been told a couple times too that when it rains portions of the trail flood and you could see the after-effects of that on the sides of the trail in many spots. You also saw all kinds of folks using the trail including bicyclists, runners, walkers, and horseback riders. The horse riders are in one area of the trail and stay to the ride but Cliff said he has come around a corner before and nearly run into the backside of a horse.

One thing that became very clear was that the manners of the riders aren’t what I’m accustomed to and not like what I saw on the Jacksonville Baldwin Trail. I wouldn’t consider the trail a training area but I saw several folks hammering it at 20 mph plus. Some riders let you know they were coming up on you while others didn’t. The trail is only about five feet wide and it was common to see riders riding side-by-side and not falling into single-file when approaching another rider head on.

In the end though I enjoyed the ride. My body needed it. I appreciate Cliff taking the time to drive up and meet me.

Cliff, I enjoyed it and look forward to riding with you again.