I can’t believe I’m already starting Week 3 of Biking To Live. It seems just like yesterday that I was dragging myself out for that first ride but now I’m on Ride 9 and everything seems to be going good.

The weather this morning was nice. It was partly cloudy but warmer than it has been. It was actually warm enough to be able to ride in short sleeves with no problem. It felt good. Starting out my legs felt heavy. I think I was feeling the effects of the 29 mile ride on the Jacksonville-Baldwin Trail back on Ride 8. After riding for about 10 minutes, though, they started to feel good. In fact, it was about this time I noticed that my speed was about 1.5-2 mph more than usual. That surprised me a little bit. It felt good but I didn’t want to push too hard because I didn’t want to falter in No Man’s Land. Besides, I was lengthening today’s ride just a little to push the morning ride to 11 miles. I decided to go ahead and ride how I felt. It turns out it was a good decision. Even though I lengthened the ride slightly, I managed to turn in my best average speed yet for a morning ride. Here are today’s numbers: 11.18 miles, 49:02, 16 mph max, and 13.6 mph average.

I wasn’t expecting this good of a ride today. I’m not complaining though! I’m hoping it’s a sign of my strength increasing.