I feel good when the alarm goes off this morning. I intentionally went to bed early last night to ensure I got some sleep. I’m sure putting in a 13-hour day at work on Wednesday helped too! Anyway, it’s about 5:10 AM, I’m getting dressed and my cell phone goes off. It scares the daylights out of me! I was not expecting that thing to ring at 5:10. I answer it and it’s my brother-in-law. He wants to ride with me today. Awesome. I had extended the invitation to him a week ago not knowing if he would be down with riding this early. Turns out he is. He’ll meet me at the entrance to his neighborhood which is about a half-mile away.

Unlike Ride 6, I prepared last night and had everything set out and ready to go. Doing so really made it a no-brainer to get ready this morning and I felt much better today heading out. In addition to laying out my clothes last night, I spent some time adjusting my front and rear derailers and installing my new rear light. I took my laptop to the garage and watched the derailer videos from Bicycle Tutor while adjusting them. Those videos are great. Thanks Alex!

As I approach the rendezvous point I see my brother-in-law a ways off. He’s wearing a bright orange Harley Davidson shirt that I can see very well-even at night! He’s riding a Gary Fisher hybrid, wearing tennis shoes, board shorts, and the aforementioned Harley shirt. I’m decked out in my bike gear. I bet we make a pair to the passing observer. You know what? I don’t care. At least he came out to ride with me. I applaud him for that and don’t care what he’s wearing or riding. I think that may be what’s holding me back from trying a group ride in the area. I’ve seen some groups of riders in other towns that tend to turn their noses up at riders who aren’t wearing all the latest gear or riding bikes that are $1000 plus. I’m doing a ride tomorrow with Jaxgtr so I plan on getting the skinny on the local group rides to see if it’s ok if I show up on my $200 Schwinn hybrid.

Waning Crescent MoonWe start off together and stay in single file in the bike lane. I stay to the rear because I have the rear light set to blink mode. This also allows my brother-in-law to set a pace he’s comfortable with. If it wasn’t for a slight overcast making the moon fuzzy it would have been amazing. The moon was almost due east, low on the horizon, and is a waning crescent (see pic). The temp is much better today too. All-in-all though, the weather is good.

The ride is good with us talking the entire time. It’s a little slower than what I’ve been doing but that’s ok. He’s in the same position I was in a couple of weeks ago-re-starting cycling after a long layoff. I’m also getting accustomed to riding with somebody again. It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve not ridden alone. It was good to have somebody to talk to and pace with. It was a great warm-up for my ride tomorrow with Jaxgtr. Here are the numbers for today’s ride: 10.53 miles, 50: 53, 17.7 mph max, and 12.5 mph avg.

This was a great ride. It was better than yesterday’s ride because I was prepared and it was great to be able to ride with someone again. Hopefully I can get him to come out some more in the future.