While I usually sleep in on Saturdays, I made a commitment to myself to carry my riding into Saturdays as well. That means I turned in early on Friday and got up early today to ride. While I didn’t get up as early as I do on weekdays (5:00 AM), I did get up at 7:00 AM and was on the road by 7:15. I don’t think I’ve gotten up that early on a Saturday since my days in the military. Since I’ve set out on my mission, Biking To Live, this is the first day/ride that I’ve ridden my route in daylight. Also, since it was daylight, I was able to ride the bike lane for most of the ride. Once my light comes in I’ll be able to do this for my early morning weekday rides as well.

When I set out I had no idea how far I would ride today. I only knew I wanted to put in a longer distance today. But I didn’t want to overdo it since I was technically still only in my first week back in the saddle. I followed my normal route until I reached the point where I would turn to loop back towards home. Upon reaching this point I continued on not knowing where I was going. It felt good. I knew that up ahead there were some office parks that are common in this part of town. I thought I would explore a couple of these not only to see what companies had offices in them but also to add mileage to my ride. If you’ve never ridden through an office park you should try it. On Saturdays there are almost no cars in the parking lots, the grounds are landscaped, and the water features are soothing. You should duck into one the next time you’re out riding. After riding through a couple of office parks I returned to the main road and started to approach a major intersection I knew of up ahead. Rather than cross the intersection and lengthen the ride further I thought this would be a good point to turn around. So that’s what I did. I re-traced my route, minus the office park detours, and biked back to the point where I had deviated from my normal 10 mile route and headed for home. Once home the computer read: 17.48 miles in 1 hr 19 min with an average speed of 13.2 mph.

To combat my Trouble Down Below problem, I wore a set of bib shorts I had to see if that would alleviate my….problem. I believe it did. They were comfortable to ride in and I haven’t notice any ill effects of the ride so far.

Boy this was a great ride. Here’s why:

  1. This is the most exercise I’ve done in a while. I’ve been a couch potato for too long and it was starting to show. Bad. It felt great to get out there in the Saturday morning sun and get a good workout in before most people were even thinking about dragging their lazy butts out of bed.
  2. I did what other health conscious people were doing on a Saturday morning. I easily saw 15-20 other people out walking, running, or biking this morning. Truth be told, they all looked to be in very good shape. It made me feel good, fat body and all, to be out there among them doing something better with my morning rather than sleeping in. I made it a point to say “Good-morning!” to everyone I saw during my ride. Not everyone heard me because several were listening to their Ipods but it was the thought that counted. That alone is therapeutic and will make you feel better. You should try it on your next ride.
  3. It starts the day off right. Not sleeping in, and exercising instead, energizes you for the rest of the day. It actually felt good to get out and ride on a Saturday. My Saturday’s are usually comprised of sleeping in late and doing work around the house. Sleeping good on Friday night, following by a good bike ride Saturday morning, left me re-juvinated for the rest of the day.