This morning it wasn’t as hard to get up but it wasn’t easy either. I still feel like I’m not getting enough sleep. I’m going to have to make a commitment to ensure I start getting 7+ hrs of sleep a night. I feel no ill effects from Ride 1 or 2 so I’m ready to get to it. As usual I down a bottle of water before leaving the house. Not sure it’s doing any good but I don’t think it’s bad either. I want to make sure I’m getting enough water.

While not nearly as nice as yesterday’s weather today’s isn’t bad. There were some high cirrus clouds filtering the moonlight and the temp was crisp again. Near the middle of the ride I ran into a little bit of ground fog but it didn’t hamper the riding at all.

The ride itself went very well. I tried to push it just a little bit harder than Ride 2 but not too hard. That’s important for me. I’m always trying to go gung-ho all the time with regards to sports and it has always plagued me when doing cardiovascular work. It was bad for me because I would attempt to start off much faster and harder than I should instead of doing it slow and steady throughout the entire run. This would cause me to spend myself too early and not get the max benefit from the exercise. I’m trying to be conscious of this in my riding so that I don’t burn out too early in a ride and can maximize the cardio benefits. I want to build a good solid base before I try to push the tempo of my riding too much.

There wasn’t too much out of the ordinary on this ride except for one particular car. I’m nearing the mid-point of my ride, a stretch that on the previous two rides has had very little traffic, when this blue car goes speeding by me. I mean they were flying. Go go past me a few hundred feet, turn around, and start coming back towards me very quickly. Luckily, this is a divided four-lane road so I’m not worried. The car keeps gaining speed and they are flying hard through the gears. So hard, in fact, I half expected the tranny to fall out as the car went by me going the other way. The car speeds away and disappears into the night. I’m like, “what was that all about?” Maybe they forgot something at home or were late for work. Whatever it was, the conduct of drivers in this city never ceases to amaze me.

Here are the numbers for today: 9.86 miles, 12.4 mph avg, in 47:30. That’s a little faster than yesterday but not much.