It’s good to be back. For those that didn’t see my other post, I had to take a week off the bike due to burning my hand pretty bad a week ago. I could hardly grip anything for a few days and the pain didn’t really go away until Sunday. I was able to get back on the bike yesterday and go for my normal weekday ride.

As usual for my weekday rides, the alarm was blaring at 5:00 am and I rolled on out. Thankfully, I had layed everything out and prepped the bike the night before. After taking a week off, everything was in disarray and getting ready the night before probably saved me 20 minutes.

Once I got the garage door open I was glad to feel a slight coolness in the air. The weather this past week has been scorching here in Jacksonville. Everyday has been in the low-to-mid 90s (32-35 C) with high humidity. I couldn’t imagine riding during those conditions during the day. There was still some humidity in the air but it wasn’t bad.

I was worried about how I would ride after taking a week off. My worries were unfounded as I seemed to pick up right where I had left off. The legs felt good and there seemed to be no “troubles down below” if you catch my meaning.

Upon reaching the first long straightaway I almost immediately saw three runners over on the sidewalk. This particular area is very popular with the runners and walkers but I rarely see more than one or two during my entire ride this early in the morning. Five minutes in and I’ve already seen three. My guess is that these may be folks that usually exercise later in the day but the heat has forced them to workout earlier. That’s fine by me. It gives me a chance to say “Goodmorning” and see other health conscious people.

As I continued on I couldn’t help but notice how dark it was. There were no clouds but no moon either. I also seemed to be hitting the streetlights as they cycled off periodically. At leat I think that’s what they’re doing. I’m going to have to ask some of the engineers/designers here at work if that’s how they are designed to operate.

As far as my riding went, everything felt really good. I was maintaining a good average speed and riding with no problems. I continued past my normal turnaround point and decided to add a little extra. I finally turned around when I did because I was running short on time. I really felt like I could have ridden much further but it was probably best to not overdue it with this my first ride in a week.

Here’s the numbers: 52 minutes, 13.33 miles, 15.4 mph avg

I want to thank everyone who continued to visit and comment on Biking To Live, even while I wasn’t posting for the last week, and for your words of encouragement as I healed from the burn. It’s very much appreciated.