It was tough to get up this morning. I had good intentions of going to bed early last night but wound up getting only about 5.5 hrs of sleep. Not good. As I lay there I caught myself trying to think of a way to sleep in and ride later. Again, not good. I forced myself to get up, drank a bottle of water, got dressed, and headed to the garage where my steed is housed. In that order. I know, the visual is kinda scary. Starting out my legs felt a little sluggish. Not unexpected since my first ride (Ride 1) in years was only two days old. Once I got the blood flowing, though, the legs started to feel ok.

So, I’m riding down the first long stretch of my short 10 mile loop when I realize what a beautiful morning it is. It’s about 5:15 and cool but not cold. Crisp is what I would call it. The sky is clear and there’s an awesome looking early-morning half-moon in the Southwest sky with Jupiter shining brightly not far away. I love the night sky. I’m a bit of an amateur astronomy buff as well.

As I approach one of the sub-division entrances along my route a flashing light off to the right catches my eye. I thought, “cool”, another biker out for an early morning ride. As it turns out, it was another biker but he was on a recumbent. As he turned out into the bike lane his backside came into view. He must have had four or five different lights facing the rear. Flashing, steady, white, and red. He was lit up like a Christmas tree! The thing is that he was pretty smart. He was riding the bike lane on a stretch of road that can become busy very quickly. There’s no way a driver couldn’t see this guy. It reminded me that I needed to pick up a rear light as well.

Anyway, this guy pulls out in front of me into the bike lane. I’m on the sidwalk because I don’t have a light yet. I thought to myself, “I can keep up with some old dude on a sit-down bike.” Boy was I wrong. I kept pace for a few hundred feet and then he gradually started to pull away. I’m guessing he pulled off somewhere because I eventually lost sight of him. There’s no way he got so far ahead of me that I could no longer see the Christmas tree. I think it’s obvious that this dude must have had racing tires or something because there was just no way I would have gotten dusted otherwise. Yeah right. It just goes to show how much work I have to do. That guy better watch out in six months.

The rest of the ride went without incident. Overall it turned out to be a good ride. Although this was just Ride 2, I cut five minutes off of my Ride 1 time. I think this was because I was more cautious on Ride 1 with it being my first time in a while and on a new route. The computer says I did 10.2 miles in 48 min at 12.75 average speed.