Well, with the holiday weekend behind me it’s time to get back in the saddle. Literally. It was nice to take three days off and let my body recuperate some.

I got started this morning on my normal weekday route (which I keep extending just a little each couple of rides and today was no different). I was really surprised at how cool it was. Almost too cool for short sleeves. It was crystal clear out with the half-moon in the Southeast and Jupiter in the South dominating the sky. A few clouds crept in by the time I was done riding but nothing bad.

There were a few cars out this morning and I had given up all hopes in seeing any riders/runners when I caught a glimpse of a rider a ways ahead of me. They must have turned out in front of me as I didn’t see them on the long straightaway at the start of my ride. After following them at a distance of about 300 feet for a couple of miles they either kicked it in the rear or turned off because I lost’em and never saw them again. I saw a lone runner on the straightaway back home. I see her almost everyday.

My ride was pretty good. After being off for three days it took a couple of miles to get accustomed to the saddle again. I’m still not totally happy with my saddle and really need to look for a better one. Once my sit-bones had overcome their shock of being off for three days I began to settle in nicely and was able to slowly increase my pace from about mid-ride to the end. At the start I was averaging about 14 mph and by the end I was pushing 17+ mph in spots. Overall the ride was very good. I believe I’m almost to the point where I need to start adding another ride day into the week. With school getting out in a couple of weeks I’ll also have a little more time to ride in the mornings and will be able to almost double my daily morning mileage.

Here are today’s numbers: 12,55 miles, 49:12, 19.2 mph max, and 15.3 mph average