Last night I had to go to bed early. As I mentioned in my summary yesterday, I just felt depleted all day long. I didn’t feel 100% when I got up this morning, and even hit the snooze once, before rolling myself out of bed.

Once outside everything seemed ok. I gave the weather a check by walking out of the garage and I started to have second thoughts. The temp was great but there were some dark clouds being blown from West to East by a STIFF wind. On the surface, though, I couldn’t detect any wind at all. I said, “So what” and proceeded to grab my bike. After only getting two days of riding in last week I wasn’t about to forfeit another ride unless the weather was abysmal.

Once I started everything seemed to go pretty good. The air had a slight chill to it but it wasn’t bad. Traffic seemed a little light, which was nice, and I saw several runners this morning. It’s always good to see other folks out. I didn’t see any cyclists though. I must have been the only with the guts to get up on a Monday morning at 5:00 am to ride.

After feeling not-so-good yesterday I made a conscious decision to not push it too hard this morning. I cruised most of the circuit right around 13 mph. I encountered a little wind on the second half that was coming out of the South but it wasn’t bad. Certainly not bad enough to affect my riding.

Once I turned onto the last straightaway towards home I shifted to the big gear and pushed it the rest of the way in. I didn’t hammer it but I did work up a sweat.

I’m waiting on my youngest daughter to finish up ballet practice so I’m sitting at Panera Bread (sipping a wonderful Hazelnut coffee) typing this post so I don’t have my numbers with me. I’ll post them later when I get home.

The numbers for today’s ride are: 11.52 miles, 52:26, 16.1 mph max, and 13.1 mph avg