Wind SignI had good intentions for a longer ride today but my good intentions quickly changed to just making it through a normal weekday ride. Starting out it was overcast and looked like it might rain. The wind seemed to be blowing a little but nothing too bad. With a high of 94 predicted for today it was also starting to warm up. I met my brother-in-law over at his neighborhood and we started out.

The first leg was ok with us moving pretty good. Traffic was a little heavy but not too bad. We actually saw a couple of bikers headed the other way. As we made our first turn we were hit square in the face by a stiff wind. The wind started to pickup and we were struggling to maintain any kind of speed. The clouds to the west were starting to look a little more threatening. At this point we decided cut the ride short and head back after just doing the normal weekday ride route. So, that’s what we did.

Am I disappointed? Sure. I wanted a longer ride today. I had planned on riding over to the University of North Florida, making the loop around the college, and then heading back home. Should have been in the neighborhood of 20-25 miles. To make matters worse we were passed by a guy on a bike easily 25 years my elder. He was riding a real road bike and we weren’t pushing it at all so I don’t feel too bad about it. Maybe it made the other guy feel good to pass us young whipper snappers. If so, it was worth it.

Here are today’s numbers: 11.54 miles, 53:59, 16.3 mph max, and 12.8 mph avg