I got to bed at a decent time last night and felt pretty good this morning as I set off from the house on my morning ride. The weather was great with it clear and warm. Definetly short-sleeve weather.

I get to the first point where I have to cross a busy road and surprisingly had to wait a couple of minutes for the traffic to die down. It’s usually not this busy at 5:15 AM but for some reason there was traffic this morning. I guess it was everybody going in early on a Friday so they could leave early.

As I get started on the first long straightaway I’m feeling great. The legs feel a little heavy but not bad. I cross under a street lamp and catch a glimpse of my speed – 16 mph. Wow, I’m cookin’! I keep going and the speed continues to stay up there.

At about the half-way point I make a turn to left and start heading almost due west. That’s when it hits me. The wind. It wasn’t strong but it was heavy enough to affect my speed for sure. Now I know why I was doing so good earlier. I hadn’t noticed the wind at the house (must have been sleep walking still) but I apparently had a tailwind for the first leg of my ride. That explains the increased speed.

At my turnaround point I’m expecting the wind to move to my rear again, but no, the wind is in my face again. I was thinking, “what in the world is going on?” I turn South preparing to enter No Man’s Land and the wind dies down a little. Maybe I can power through No Man’s Land again. I start hard but about half-way the wind is picking back up and I’m fighting it big time. I catch a glimpse of my speed and it’s dropped down to 13.1 mph. My speed will bottom out somewhere around 10 mph before I can get through No Man’s Land and start the run back home.

The long straightaway back home heads due West so I know I’ll have to deal with the wind gain. I shift to the big ring and try to power through it. It was little to no use. I was tiring quickly and had to move to the middle ring and take it easy for the rest of the way home.

The wind must have been out of the Southwest and at times it was pretty stiff. Upon arriving at home I was dreading looking at my numbers. Turns out they were almost exactly the same as Ride 10 which is good for me. The speed I was able to run in the first half of my ride must have been enough to make up for the slow speed on the second half due to the wind. I’ll take it.

Here are today’s numbers: 11.5 miles, 50:31, 17.5 mph max, and 13.6 mph average