Boy was I tired when I woke up this morning. I felt I got enough sleep because I did get about 7 hours. I had the yawns though! BIG TIME! I couldn’t stop yawning until about 5 or 6 minutes into my ride. It was unreal. Once I did get riding though I felt good. Real good. The weather was ok. There were no clouds but there was a lot of dew and a little mist.

Just like Ride 9, I found myself going at a very good clip to start with my speed up around 13.5 to 14. I’m hoping that this is an indication that I’m starting to develop a little bit of base fitness. These last two rides have just been awesome with me being able to push it and not tire out. Man it feels good.

As I approach the 5 mile mark I spot another rider come out of a neighborhood entrance a few hundred feet ahead of me. This isn’t the guy on the recumbent that dusted me back in Ride 2. He’s on a normal road bike and is wearing a cycling jersey. I’m able to keep him in roughly the same position ahead of me until I get to my turn-around point. It felt good to be able to maintain my position. It’s very likely that he was just warming up though and was taking it easy.As I near No Man’s Land, I see the same guy every morning walking his two dogs. I say “Goodmorning,” as always, but he doesn’t say anything-as usual. Maybe he’ll warm up someday.

As I start No Man’s Land I want to power through it. I look at my speed and it’s around 14.5 mph. I think to myself, “Ok, no speed less than 14 from here through No Man’s Land.” I don’t even down shift. I take a quick drink of water and go to it. It feels awesome. I think I dropped to about 14.2 at one point but managed to maintain greater than 14 the entire way. It felt so good that as I went by my daughters school I was able to look over and see the safety truck she’s been telling me about. It’s a semi-truck that has a special trailer that teaches kids about home safety. I told her about it at breakfast and she thought it was cool. She would get to go through the truck later in the day.

As I turn onto the final 2.5 mile straightaway towards home I have an insane thought-why don’t I push the big gear? This last straightaway is slightly downhill in spots and I’m feeling great. I shift to the big ring and start mashing it. It feels pretty good. My speed starts to pickup and everything is going good. About halfway down the straightaway I hit a small rise but leave it in the big gear. As I crest the rise I pickup the speed again and take it on home.

Man what a great ride! I really felt like I pushed it today. I worked up a good sweat and turned in good numbers. It feels so good to be able to ride again.

Today’s numbers: 11.5 miles, 49:49, 16.6 mph max, and 13.8 mph average