The topic of tire inflation is always a hot topic. Most of us carry either a CO2 inflator or some type of frame pump to help us out when we flat out on a ride. I’ve always been an advocate of the CO2 systems because of bad experiences with frame pumps. Most frame pumps are either too flimsy and/or aren’t capable to achieving a high pressure when re-inflating a tire. Many of my readers feel the same way I do while others swear by their pump. I’ve always been willing to give a pump another try if I could find one that could live up to the job. So, when given the opportunity to review the new SecondWind Road Carbon Mini inflation system by Genuine Innovations, I jumped at the opportunity.

So, what is the Second Wind Road Mini? It’s a combination CO2 inflation system and frame pump built into a single carbon fiber body that measure’s just 7.25 inches long. You can use it as a CO2 inflator or a pump. Very ingenious. The system comes packaged with the carbon fiber Second Wind Road, instructions for use, a water bottle cage mount, a set of mounting screws, and a 16g CO2 catridge. The Second Wind Road Mini is only compatible with presta valves.

Second Wind Road Mini and CO2 Cartridge Upon opening the package the first thing you notice is the weight of the system. This thing is light! Weighing in at only 62.7 grams it’s light as a feather. The Mini is constructed very well. I mentioned the carbon fiber body and it’s beautiful. The ends are made of high-strength, glass-reinforced nylon, and the valve internals are made of brass.

One of the things that sets this pump apart though is the ingenuity of design. When using the CO2 system, you screw the CO2 cartridge into the brass fitting until it’s tight. The cartridge is punctured and activated at this point. To inflate your tire you attach the pump to your presta valve and loosen the cartridge a quarter-turn. To stop simply tighten the cartridge again. This makes the Second Wind Road Mini a controllable CO2 inflation system. The system comes with a 16g cartridge but you can use either 16g or 12g cartridges.

CO2 Pump ExtensionNow, what if you’ve exhausted your last CO2 cartridge and a buddy needs some help or you have another flat and no more CO2 cartridges? This is where the pump side of the Mini comes into play. In this role the pump is even easier to use. You simply attach the pump to your presta valve and start pumping. Now, one of the problems with most frame pumps is that they are hard to use because of their size. This usually prevents you from being able to achieve high pressures. Again, Genuine Innovations brilliant design comes to the rescue. To make the pump more stable, and give you more leverage while pumping, you just screw a new or expended CO2 cartridge into the pump handle and you dramatically increase your ability to control the pump. The maximum pressure of the hand pump is 130 psi.

Second Wind Road Mini Cage MountSo, what’s wrong with the Second Wind Road Mini? Not much that I could find. As with all frame pumps you have to be careful when pumping so you don’t damage your presta valve. The mini is no different. I used the mini several times while testing and the o-ring that seals the pump to your presta valve seems to be showing a lot of wear. This may be normal as the new o-ring is broken in. I’m not sure if there are plans in the future but it looks like this o-ring may be replaceable.

So, what’s my verdict? I love it. It’s small, fully-functional, and performs as specified. If you’re a rider that likes the ease of CO2 but would like a pump backup then the Second Wind Road Mini is perfect.

Thanks to Genuine Innovations for providing the Second Wind Road Mini
. Now, what do I do with it? Do I keep it for myself or do I give it away to a lucky reader? I kept it for myself!