I’m well into my mision of Cycling for Optimal Weight. The last few days I’ve been reading the information Kelli sent back to me including my health assessment, recommended supplementation and eating plans. As she said in an email to me, it’s a lot to ‘digest’ all at once. Once I have a handle on the supplements and meals I’ll do more detailed posts on those areas of the plan. I’m really excited about this if you can’t tell.

It never fails that when you start a new diet, training plan, or resolution that you’re bound to have something try and derail your progress and motivation right away. It happened to me yesterday. I’m supposed to get 5.5 hours in on the bike this week and was on track to do that after my ride on Tuesday morning. All I needed to do was ride for my hour each morning from Tuesday-Friday and then 1.5 hours on Saturday morning. Not so fast my friend.

train derail

PhotoC: robynejay

The Inevitable Derail

Wednesday morning I woke up naturally at 4:50 AM to the sounds of the neighborhood through my open window. No, it wasn’t the birds chirping, or a dog barking, it was the garbage truck picking up the recycling bin. And then the truck goes in reverse. Beep, Beep, Beep. Need I remind you that it’s 4:50 AM? I think you get the picture.

As I lay there listening to the sweet sounds of the garbage truck, I heard something else. The pitter-patter of rain and the flow of water in the rain gutter outside my window. The rain was actually a relaxing sound but it meant my ride was in jeopardy. I took a look outside and it was raining pretty good. A check of the temp said it was in the low 40s. Not the best conditions to ride in so I didn’t.

And that was it. Day 2 of the training plan and I’m already derailed and thinking that won’t make my 5.5 hours of riding time this week. Not a good start to the day or the training plan. If I had a trainer I could just go ride it for an hour but without one I was kinda stuck. I went back to bed and slept another hour.

After I got to work I emailed Darryl and he suggested I go for a power walk to make up for the hour. It was a great idea. I hit DailyMile, made a quick route that took me through downtown, along the River Walk and back to my office. Armed with a map printout, I headed out the door at lunch for a walk. The weather had improved since my garbage truck wake up call with temps in the low 60s and a slight breeze. I had a great walk of about 2.3 miles in 50 minutes.

I think the important thing to learn here is that even if conditions don’t permit your ride (or whatever outdoor cardio workout you were going to do) there is usually another option. Thinking back on it, if I had planned for foul weather I could have hit the gym at our condo complex. It’s decent gym and I could have gotten my workout in. I could have also easily planned on walking or working out later in the day instead of getting bummed out about not making my 5.5 hours for the week. The point is that there are usually options available to you if you plan for it. So plan for it.

Today’s Restricted Visibility Ride

A check of the weather last night said there was no rain in the forecast and temps were going to get down to the mid 40s. The alarm went off at 4:50 AM (no natural wakeup today) and I checked the weather on my phone. 37F. And fog. Ouch. That was a little cooler than I was planning. It just meant I had to dress a little warmer. First order of business was the pre-ride snack.

As a general rule, I never eat anything before riding in the morning. I may drink a little water but no food. I’ve always done it that way but I don’t know why. It might explain why I sometimes get hungry mid-ride or have less than stellar energy during the ride. On the Cycing for Optimal Weight plan, I was to have 4 oz of juice mixed with 4-8 oz of water + half a banana. So that’s what I had.

I opened the garage door and immediately noticed that it was foggy. Not too bad though. I geared up and headed out. The ride itself was pretty uneventful. I tried to push a little harder than Tuesday but not too much. My avg speed was up a little but still nothing to brag about. I didn’t see any cyclists this morning but did see 3 runners including one brave lady at 5:30 who was in shorts. She had to be cold.

As I rode the fog got worse in areas around ponds. So much so that I probably should have had a fog horn on my bike. I also noticed considerable temperature drops in those areas that I could feel through my tights. Pretty amazing stuff. There was a full moon too but, try as I might, I couldn’t get its gravitational tug to pull me along any faster. At least I know I don’t have enough mass to be affected by the Moon.

One thing I did notice as I was turning back into our complex was that I was hungry. I could feel a serious hunger pang. I’m wondering if the pre-ride snack held that off until near the end of the ride. The elapsed time from when I had the snack to when I felt the hunger was about an hour and twenty minutes.

This morning’s numbers were 13.76 miles in 1:01:13.

What are some other activities we can do if poor weather prevents us from riding? Tell us in the comments below.