As I’m sure you already know, and are tired of me telling you, tomorrow is my first century and I’m super excited. I’ve spent the week tapering my mileage and gettin everything ready for my epic ride. Stuff like fuel, early check-in yesterday, cleaning the bike last night, and so on. Not until yesterday though did I realize there was one thing I hadn’t prepared for tomorrow. The end of the world.

In all my preparation, training, and excitement I had forgotten that the world is supposed to meet its doom tomorrow. I’m not sure how I could forget something like that. I forgot an anniversary once and thought the world would end then. It didn’t so I was spared until tomorrow. Or at least that’s what some of the groups promoting our destruction tomorrow will tell you. While I have no plans to meet my maker tomorrow, I thought it prudent to take some preparations just in case. You know me, I like to be prepared.

Here’s some additional items you can do to help prepare for tomorrow if you’re going to be out riding like me:

  • Pack a Zombie Survival Kit. If the world is ending you know there will be zombies. I’m not sure what the fascination with zombies is but if we go by what all the movies suggest it’s a no-brainer. There will be zombies. Your Zombie Survival kit would include items such as a chainsaw, machete, shotgun, and perhaps a bazooka. You should be able to outrun them on your bike though because we all know zombies can’t move very fast. They basically hold their arms out, lean forward, and rock from one foot to the other. That might be a sprint you could win.
  • Bring camping gear. If the world doesn’t end instantaneously there might be a period of time that you may be stranded and have to survive off the land. Camping gear would certainly help. This is a perfect time to strap on those panniers you bought but never used.
  • Pack reading material. It’s going to get pretty boring with nothing to do. Plan on taking your stash of cycling mags and a Kindle if you’ve got one. The pictures of Contador in the mags could double as toilet paper if the situation gets dire.
  • Bring extra food. I think you should pack lots of Clif bars. They’re great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time, pre-bed snack, and on the bike snacks. In fact, they’re good just about anytime. And if your stranded you could build a fire and make some Clif Bar smores. How awesome would that be?
  • Vent on Facebook and Twitter. You know you want to and today may be your last opportunity. Every little internet marketing spammer, immature kid on xbox live, and bad driver needs some love. Even your Aunt Betty who won’t let you forget how much you’ve screwed your life up needs to hear it. You’ve always held yourself to a higher standard and wouldn’t stoop to telling people how you really feel but now you can let it fly since, after tomorrow, you won’t see them again. Unless they come back as a zombie and then you might be screwed.
  • Schedule Tweets. Twitter will never die so you can schedule some tweets that will get tweeted after the end. Not sure who will be around to read them except for the zombies. Can zombies even read?

There you have it. Take those steps in preparation for tomorrow and you should be good to go. Good luck.

Do you have any other tips?