By now you’ve probably heard that Alberto Contador (a.k.a. Pistolero) has apparently tested positive for both Clenbuterol and Plasticizers. Did he? Who knows.

Contador Pistolero

PHOTOC: VeloNews

As is usual with the UCI and WADA, the handling of Contador’s positive test results has been sketchy at best. He produces a sample for the Golden Flow test on the second rest day of the tour. He’s notified a month later (i.e. he’s already drank the champagne) that he tested positive. Then it’s not made public for another month after that. That’s all followed by stories of Pistolero’s beef getting tainted (where’s he been putting his beef?), conspiracy theories, you name it. In other words, another cycling and drugs soap opera. Not good for the sport.

Because of lots of testing protocols and legal mumbo-jumbo the whole situation is a mess and we’ll probably never know the truth of it. Pistolero testing positive does bring back memories of the analysis done on his 2009 climb of Verbier and speculation that he may have been doping then.

What will happen? My prediction is that Contador loses the 2010 Tour title and gets a two year ban.

Regardless of what happens, I wanted to point out that Pistolero’s beef is tainted and he’s not shooting blanks. Maybe he should have listened to the bovine during those Chic-Fil-A commercials.

What do you think? Does he get the Ban Hammer or do you buy the tainted beef tale?