The move to Daylight Savings Time occurred first. Instead of being able to ride in the morning, when it was still getting light outside near the end of my rides, setting the clocks back an hour turned my morning ride into an adventure into pitch black. I don’t like riding when its dark for the entire length of my ride. I’m not a vampire. Then I got sick and stayed sick, off-and-on, for several weeks. It was hard to get over. And then I got into a serious funk with my online activities.

By online activities I mean time spent on Twitter, time on Facebook, time spent reading other peoples blogs, and, sadly, the time I spent on this blog. I had become seriously disgruntled with blogging, keeping up with the Twitter time line, and sifting through Google Reader. I needed a break and took one.

No More Twitter

I didn’t open Hootsuite for a couple of weeks. I try to keep tabs on Twitter while at work but my workload was getting to the point where it wasn’t possible. And it still is. Honestly, I don’t see how people on there can send out Tweets all day long and get anything else accomplished. They must have lots of free time on their hands.

I stopped looking at Google Reader. I have 95 feeds I subscribe to (66 cycling or fitness related, 9 financial related, and 20 others). I can see my feed count on iGoogle and it was well over 1000 unread articles before I looked at some cycling feeds yesterday. Every once in a while a title would catch my eye and I might go look at it but, for the most part, I didn’t read any RSS feeds in the last several weeks. And it felt good.

And I slowly stopped posting here. Not intentionally but it really started to feel like a burden. Don’t get me wrong. I like writing articles here on Biking To Live but finding the time to write them wasn’t coming easy. I was also backing off on my riding which was making it harder to find things to write about. I’ve ridden here and there but nothing serious. Not only did DST totally screw up my riding schedule but my wife taking a long-term substitute teaching position also impacted my riding time. I’ve also had to take time off the bike due to a medical issue. Basically, life got in the way. It sucks but that’s what life does.

And I know I’m not alone in this. I’m sure any one of my readers who has a blog of their own can relate to some of stuff above. If not, more power to you. As far as life getting in the way; I know you understand that too. If you don’t, then you do have too much time on your hands. Regardless, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things here on BTL. I’m slowly working my way through the unread RSS feeds (down to 600 now….sorry but I’m not reading every single one) and will try to check on Twitter every once in a while.

I have a few posts I need to get out of the way that are overdue. I’ve been reading a great cycling book for those looking to lose weight and need to review it. I’ve also been remiss in posting my annual Christmas wish list for cyclists (basically my wish list to my wife). I’m going to try to knock those out pretty quick and then take it from there. The new year is already upon us and I don’t want to waste this one. This year wasn’t a waste but it could have been better.

To those of you who have continued to read the blog, send emails and tweets, and subscribe to the newsletter; thanks. Would I continue to write this blog without you? Probably but your presence makes it all that much sweeter.

As a side note, it was a brisk wind-chilled 22F this morning in sunny North Florida. Ouch.
Thumbnail PhotoC: Team Traveller