I wasn’t kidnapped either. I’ve just been getting accustomed to work and life in Dallas.

When I first moved here in January I was living in a small ex-burb of Dallas that was a nice place to stay except for one thing…the commute. I was literally spending almost four hours a day driving to the train station and riding the train back-and-forth to work. I basically had no time to myself and absolutely no time to ride. I could have possibly ridden on the weekends but the weather isn’t as nice here as it was in Jacksonville. Go figure.

It took me exactly three weeks to get tired of the four hours I was wasting each day commuting back-and-forth and decided to move. The move occurred last weekend and life is so much better. My total commute each day is about an hour. I’m an 8 minute drive to the train station and about 20 minutes to work by train. The planets have aligned and all is well in the universe. For those familiar with Dallas I moved from Northern Frisco/Little Elm to Garland near the LBJ/Skillman station.

White Rock Lake Trail

White Rock Lake Trail

Today, I actually rode my bike for the first time in months. I dressed for some chilly weather and did a quick five miles in the neighborhood. The neighborhood is pretty large so it’s not like I was riding around the block 20 times. This Saturday I plan on riding to the train station, taking the train one stop to the White Rock Lake station, and then doing about 20 miles on the White Rock Lake Trail.

To the left you can see a map of White Rock Lake and the trail that goes around it. In the upper left corner you can see the DART rail station. The white line the north/south pointing red arrows are parallel to are actually a continuation of the bike trail. It actually extends to the North about 7 miles making the total round trip about 25 miles. Sunday I drove around looking for the trail and there were quite a few (a lot!) cyclists out riding. I saw two taking a rest break and decided to ask them some questions about the trail. They were very helpful and I’m looking forward to riding it.

I’m on the lookout for a group to ride with as well. I found the website for the Greater Dallas Bicyclists and they seem like decent bunch. If any of you out there are members of this club I’d like to talk to you.

Cliff, if you read this, I sent you an email a few days ago.