You have no idea how many times I’ve meant to sit down and write this (or any) blog post. There was always something more important, or easier, to do. The same could be said for my riding the last couple of months. I’m full of excuses and virtually none of them are worth anything.

I rode great from January through October and then things just kind of went south. I got sick, work picked up a lot, the holidays arrived, the youngest had Christmas play rehearsals, sucky weather, family was in town, etc., etc., etc. You get the picture. In fact, I bet many of you dealt with a lot of the same stuff but were more dedicated than I was.

Many of you reached out to me to ask how things were going and I sincerely appreciate that. It means a lot. Some of you asked why I wasn’t posting here. Some of the same excuses could be given but it all boils down to being lazy. I haven’t checked Twitter in I don’t know how long. I neglected several comments that were left here until just a few days ago.

I’ve literally sucked over the last few months and owe each of you an apology.

At some point I just had to look in the mirror, kick myself in the butt, and start doing something. Whether it was riding and/or posting. I guess this is step 1.

I hope each of you had a good Christmas and got lots of cool cycling gear. Mine was better than I deserved. I’m looking forward to the new year and setting some new cycling and weight loss goals.

Happy New Year!

PhotoC: marcn