As a general rule, I don’t like New Year’s resolutions. Most of them are made ‘on the fly’ and aren’t achievable. This won’t be a resolutions post. Instead, I want to talk some of my cycling goals this year. I’ve spent some time the last month thinking about what I want to do and it was time I made it public. But first, lets talk about what happened last year.

2010 Review

Last year I rode a total of 847.89 miles. I think that’s an OK number but it’s nothing to brag about. When you look at the whole picture (below) it could have been much more. There were five months that I didn’t ride at all. In Nov-Dec 2010 I only rode 59 miles. So, technically, I only rode five months last year. So pathetic. No excuses though. It’s my own fault. As a result, I haven’t lost much weight either. Again, my own fault.

2010 Training Miles

2010 Training Miles

I think one of the big problems with my riding last year is that I rode with no plan or goals. With no goals I rode aimlessly. Basically, the same mileage each day. No intervals and no long Saturday morning rides. I did manage one group ride though which was a big plus and pretty cool. Overall though, my cycling really wasn’t that much to brag about. I want to change that in 2011. In a big way.

2011 Goals

For 2011, I know I want to ride more. Lots more. I also want to complete my first century ride (something I attempted in 2009 but couldn’t ride in due to a broken bike). I would also like to raise money for a charity using my bike. And last, and certainly not least, lose weight. So, here are my goals for 2011:

  1. Ride 2000 miles. Last year I rode 847 miles while only cycling four months out of the year. If I stay on a consistent schedule, without huge layoffs or excuses, I think 2000 miles is a reachable goal. I plan on using the rest of January to just get mileage in so if I start on Feb 1, ride 50 miles a week, for 48 weeks, that puts me at 2400 miles.
  2. Ride a charity event. I’ve already got one picked out and will register for it this week. Once I’ve registered, I’ll announce it here. I’m already excited!. I also have plans for a second, more challenging charity ride, later in the year. Both of the rides I’ve picked are very popular and impact my family directly.
  3. Ride a century. The first charity ride I do will take care of this goal since I’ll be doing the 100 mile Challenge Century.
  4. Lose 30 pounds. 30 pounds seems like a lot but I think I’ll drop this pretty easily with the amount of riding I’m planning to do.
  5. Only eat out once a week (max). I used to eat out a lot. I don’t as much anymore but I often find myself opting for a quick lunch out at work instead of planning my meals properly and taking my lunch.
  6. Do more group rides. There are times I really wish I had someone to ride with. I don’t expect someone to join me on those early morning rides I do before work but it would be nice to ride with others on Saturday mornings. There are plenty of group rides available here; I just need to pick some and do them.

Those are my cycling and weight loss goals for 2011. There are other things that go along with them like eating a healthy diet, proper nutrition on the bike, and so on, but I think those six goals will have me in better shape and living a healthier life by the end of the year.

What are your goals?

Have you set some cycling, weight loss, or health goals for 2011? I’d love to hear about them so leave a comment below describing them.

PhotoC: creepyed