Today, while reading a post over at 265andFalling about how he joined a gym, I made the following comment:

Mother nature is my gym because that’s where I do my cycling.

The ‘Mother Nature Is My Gym’ part really stood out so I sent that out via Twitter. It was nice to see several re-tweets of it and how a few folks liked it. After seeing that, and thinking about it some more, I liked it even more.

Why Mother Nature is My Gym

The fact that I don’t like being trapped inside a gym is what drove me to say that. I’m not self-conscious about working out in front of people (although I may be self-conscious about riding with them) but working out in a place with four walls, a roof, nasty bathrooms, a lingering stench, preening weight lifting behemoths, and scantily clad chicks isn’t my thing. Alright, scantily clad chicks would be OK.

So, why is mother nature my gym?

  1. I like the smell of fresh air.
  2. I like the crispness of a cool morning.
  3. I like to hear the birds singing.
  4. I like to see the city come to life as I ride.
  5. I like to listen to my tires as they roll over the asphalt.
  6. I like to feel the sun on my body.
  7. I like to see things in their natural state.
  8. I like seeing animals as I ride.
  9. I like to see new things.
  10. I like to look at beautifully manicured lawns.
  11. I like cycling with the moon and stars overhead.
  12. I like the surprises a ride in mother nature can give.

Mother Nature Surprised Me Yesterday

Take yesterday for instance. I’m riding my normal weekday route and it’s about 6:15 AM and I hear a rapid ‘clop, clop, clop, clop’. I look to my left and I see a deer trying to stay upright while running as fast as it can to cross a divided four-lane road. And he’s headed right for me. He adjusts course, passes a few feet in front of me, and heads straight to the woods on my right.

Seeing a deer in the area I ride isn’t to too uncommon. There are patches of trees and woods that still harbor them and the area I live is on the southern edge of town. I’d never encountered one while riding though and I’ve ridden this particular stretch of road for almost three years. It was an amazing experience.

That wouldn’t have happened in a gym.

So, why is mother nature your gym?

PhotoC: RichardMasoner