I’m really finding it amazing at how much the wind is blowing everyday. Winds today were 20-25 with gusts a little higher. I road around White Rock Lake again and it could have been called White Cap Lake. It was ridiculous. There were a couple spots when I would come upon a point in the lake, riding into the wind, and could barely manage 10 mph. I’d like to think it was the wind but it was probably my pathetic abilities right now. I’m pretty sure it was the wind though.

Even though the wind was bad, I was determined to get two laps around the lake in. Just like Monday’s ride I set myself riding into the wind for the first-half of the loop so I could have it at my back on the return. That worked out good but that second lap was difficult. I found it harder on my rear than anything else. I may have jumped into longer distances too fast and I’m experiencing a little discomfort down there. Ok a lot. I feel like I was sitting on top of a 4×4 post. Oh well, just gotta take it a little easier I guess and let my rear-end catch up.

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

About a half-mile into the second lap I’m riding into the wind again. It’s coming in off my right shoulder. There’s a guy just ahead of me running. I call out “on your left” as I start to go around him and this guy decides to blow his nose. It wouldn’t have been bad if he would have used a hanky or his shirt but no…this guy covers up his right nostril with a finger and gives it the heave-ho. I’ll give him credit for timing it perfectly for my pass though because with his deft nose-blowing skill, coupled with the perfectly place wind, he was able to launch a nice glob of snot right into my face. Luckily I had sunglasses on. Just my kind of day.

All told I did get 23 miles in despite the wind and flying snot.

I had my rear hub overhauled today and it didn’t solve the creaking noise coming from my bike. I almost wonder if the noise isn’t a weight related issue due to my behemoth size. I’ll probably have the front hub overhauled next. If that doesn’t fix it I’m not sure what I’m going to do.