Ok, I’m officially tired of riding down at White Rock Lake by myself. I need somebody who wants to ride around the lake on a regular basis on weekdays and weekends. I ride there mainly because it’s convenient for me and it’s a nice ride.

I’m trying to train for my first century ride in September so I’m putting in the mileage but still learning the whole nutrition side of the sport. I’m not a hammerhead so I’m not looking for the 20+ mph group rides that I see out there sometimes. I’m trying to average 15 mph for my century so that’s what I try to average when out riding. I’m very bad about trying to go all out on all rides so I need a partner who can help keep me under reign on rides we should take it easy. I need hill work so once a week I try to put in about a 15 mile ride plus 5-8 hill repeats.

On weekdays I usually arrive at the tennis center off Fair Oaks at about 5:50 and then hit the road by 6 PM. From there I ride down to the lake and do one or two laps usually depending on how I feel. I’m hoping a riding partner will help keep me honest and instead of only doing one lap to always do two or three.

For weekend rides I’m open for other areas to ride as long as they aren’t a long way away to get to. I’ve been riding 25-30 miles on Saturdays and recently did my longest ride ever which was 35 miles over hilly roads.

I open to either a male or female riding partner and would prefer someone that’s equal to my riding capabilities or stronger.

After reading this it seriously sounds like a personal ad! I don’t know if I have anyone who reads my blog that rides at White Rock Lake so I may have no luck. I’ll be posting this on twitter so maybe that’ll help too.