It’s about 8:30 in the evening as I sit here writing this post. The Stage 4 replay of the Tour de France is on TV and I can’t wait to see the finish [again]. You see, I already watched it on Eurosport at work this morning (don’t tell my boss!). The finish was so good though that I had to watch it again tonight.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I had my feet up while lounging in my soul-crushing cubicle. I had the stream running, head phones on, and was working intensely while I listened to a great race. Anytime the announcers got excited I would switch over and check out the action. Ok ‘intensely’ may be too strong a word.

About this time I get an email from Kelli at Apex Nutrition. She commented on my current weight (it spiked over the weekend), told me my food intake for the day was great, and asked me what my goals were for this week. And for July.

She always asks me what my goals are for the week but this is the first time she’s asked for my goals for the month. And it got me to thinking.

I hit the reply button and tapped out a response. Here’s a shortened version:

  • For this week: Stay strict on the eating plan and hydration just like I’ve been doing so I can get back down to the 271 range by the end of the week.
  • For July: I would like to see 250s on the scale. Low 260s at a minimum.

Her question has prompted me to write this post about establishing a July weight loss goal. I have goals for all of my riding as well as one for my total weight loss for the year. I’m making good progress on all of my goals but wanted to start breaking my weight loss goals down into more manageable chunks. I do the same, essentially, with my riding by making sure I’m following the training plan and trying to improve at the local shop ride on Saturday’s.

Like I said, I’m making good progress on my weight loss thanks to finally getting my eating under control and staying dedicated to my cycling. I do have periods where I experience a lapse on my eating (who doesn’t?) but for the most part I’m doing OK.

The 271 range for this week should be attainable since I hit 271.5 last week. My current weight of 274 is a direct result of a cookout yesterday while celebrating July 4th. I knew I would have a hard time keeping to the eating plan yesterday so I tried to offset it some by riding 30 miles yesterday morning.

The July goal is going to be tough but I’m up for the challenge. I know what I need to eat, when to eat it, and how much water to drink each day. I know I need to ride. Armed with that info, I’m going to give it my best but it won’t be easy.

What are your cycling or weight loss goals for July?

PhotoC: superingerid