Ok folks, time for a weekly wrapup. I’ve been doing good in my riding this week and only took one day (Thursday) off and that’s because I was super tired. Work has been crazy (it gets that way at the end of the month) and I had stayed up too late on Wednesday. Something had to give. I can still easily make my 5.5 hour riding goal as I’ve ridden every other day this week and plan on a 1.5 hour ride tomorrow.

My ride on Wednesday was super tough. The temp was an awesome 58F but the wind was crazy out of the West-Southwest. It wasn’t blowing too hard when I started out but by the time I headed back home it was gusting to 20 mph or more. The last 20 minutes of my morning route has me headed west with a small section pointing me to the Southwest. When I hit that section on Wednesday it was like hitting a brick wall. I struggled to maintain 11 mph and it destroyed me legs and I paid for it all day.

This mornings ride was better with a small breeze but temps had dropped back down into the high 30s and low 40s. So I was all bundled up again this morning and stayed pretty warm. Venus was out with her slice of cheese and I only saw one other lady who was running with her dog.

Right now I’m up to 51 miles for the week (148 for the month) and I think that’s a good number for where I’m at physically. If the last two weeks have taught me anything it’s how out of shape I am. Keeping this up will certainly help. My wife says she’s already seeing changes in me but I’m not so sure. My weight has fluctuated up and down but is trending down about 4 pounds as of this morning. It’s the small victories.

Link Love

Here’s some cycling links I found interesting this week:

Tour Down Under In 3 Minutes – Cycling Tips – Great coverage from Wade

Loving the Bite: Blue Cheese Steak Salad – Loving the Bike – I love a good salad

Winter Biking Primer from Chicago – Bike Commuters – Awesome commitment to ride in that weather

Newsletter and Tuesday Tip

Two weeks ago I started Cycling Tip Tuesday where I send a a cycling tip to my newsletter subscribers. Nobody has complained so I guess it’s going OK so far. I want to keep the Tuesday Tip going but want to integrate it into a weekly newsletter. I’ve done some planning in regards to a weekly newsletter but have a little more to do before I’m ready to publish the first one. I’m hoping it will be soon though.

That’s a wrap.

Thumbnail PhotoC: Amandabhslater